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Zendesk builds customer service and engagement solutions to help businesses provide the best customer experiences. PagerDuty and Zendesk can prepare your Customer Service and DevOps teams for the fast-paced world of customer issues by giving teams the context and communication channels to collaboratively solve problems and mobilize the right teams, in real time. This integrated solution allows teams to orchestrate a united response and keep customers informed and taken care of.

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About Zendesk

Zendesk empowers organizations to improve their customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk was built upon a simple idea: make customer service software that’s easy to use and accessible to everyone. We have expanded on that idea, and now offer a growing family of products that work together to improve customer relationships, and can be embedded and extended through an open development platform. Our products are easy to use and implement. They give organizations the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale with their growth.


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