Where Real-Time Work Meets Customer Service

Customer service and support teams are increasingly being asked to work as a united front with their technical counterparts. Everyone agrees that moving from a reactive to proactive state improves customer satisfaction and team morale. But how do you get there?

Check out our ebook, Where Real-Time Work Meets Customer Service, for tips that can help you tackle customer issues as a group, improve resolution times, and keep morale high.

This ebook features:

  • 5 lessons we’ve learned from DevOps that customer service teams can use right now
  • 5 questions you should ask to get your entire organization aligned and working together
  • An exec’s perspective from PagerDuty Chief Customer Officer Manjula Talreja, with specific tips for organizational leaders

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"The PagerDuty Operations Cloud is critical for TUI. This is what is actually going to help us grow as a business when it comes to making sure that we provide quality services for our customers."

- Yasin Quareshy, Head of Technology at TUI