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Faster Response to Threats. Better Security Accountability. Security With Real-Time Operations.

Using PagerDuty for Security Ops, security teams can leverage the same reliable platform that development and operations teams already depend on, improving cross-team visibility and reducing friction for collaboration. Additionally, PagerDuty’s rich ecosystem of security partners ensures that teams can be successful with their existing tools across Cloud Security, Application Security, SIEM, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, and more.

With Real-Time

  • Hub for Secure Digital Operations: Drive efficiency through consistent processes and improved awareness.
  • Faster Resolution to Improve Security Hygiene: Tighten the feedback loop on critical security vulnerabilities and spend less time on manual tasks.
  • Shared Security Accountability: Transform your organization by making security everyone’s job.

Customer Love

"PagerDuty helps us stay on top of our security posture and resolve security incidents faster and more consistently."

—Zane Lackey, Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences
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Hub for Secure Digital Operations

Engage software development and operations engineers for real-time security events using a common platform with PagerDuty Modern Incident Response. Improve awareness across your environment of operational alerts and active incidents using PagerDuty Visibility and our rich ecosystem of integrations.

Faster Resolution to Improve Security Hygiene

Connect security signals to action, complimenting your security platform with PagerDuty’s ecosystem of integrations and integrating your workflows for ticketing (ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira, etc.) and chat (Slack, Teams, etc.) in order to shift security to the left and tighten feedback loops.

Shared Security Accountability

Make security everyone’s job using PagerDuty Event Intelligence to correlate and triage signals that matter, and understand trends in team health and noisy security alerts using PagerDuty Analytics.

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