Runbook Automation Self-Hosted

Runbook Automation Self-Hosted provides maximum flexibility for security configurations and custom integrations. It includes an environment for authoring, managing and executing automated workflows that span across departments, technologies, and networks. Runbook Automation Self-Hosted supports delegation of self-service IT functions, and manages event-triggered automation. These automated jobs can be utilized for digital operations and for incident remediation.

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Replace manual procedures in your runbooks with automated self-service tasks.

Resolve tasks 99% faster

Delegate Self-service task automation across secure cloud and data center environments, such as deployments and patching operations for developers.

Simplify security and compliance

Securely run automation in locked-down environments. Bake-in security and compliance into automation, with authentication, access control, and logging of every activity.

Reduce support costs by 50%

Standardize operations and eliminate manual logins across environments. Delegate expertise built-into automation jobs to generalists. Eliminate human involvement in repetitive tasks.

"By automating tasks, we have saved the equivalent of three or four dedicated people’s worth of time. And by removing the risk of human error, we have solidified the reliability of our critical processes. "

DJ DeBrakeleer Site Reliability Engineer, FreedomPay

What do you want to automate?

  • DevOps Automation
  • Service operations (ITSM)
  • Self-Service Requests
  • Event-driven automation
  • Incident remediation
  • Edge automation
  • Kubernetes operations
  • Continuous delivery

Product capabilities

  • Securely connect automation to remote environments
  • Quickly build new automated workflows
  • Automate infrastructure through out-of-box plug-in integrations
  • Improve security & compliance with SSO, RBAC, and logging in automation
  • Run automation through popular applications, API calls and commands
  • Host your automation environment for maximum flexibility
  • Integrate with PagerDuty Operations Cloud via Automation Actions for incident remediation

How PagerDuty Runbook Automation Self-Hosted Works


Automation authors rapidly create new automated workflows by utilizing the easy to use low-code / no code GUI development environment. Once tested and approved, automated jobs can then be delegated to end users through UI plugins to applications such as Jira or ServiceNow, and as APIs. These jobs can be run on-demand by human users, triggered by events, or scheduled for routine execution.


Runbook Automation Self-Hosted provides a development and runtime environment for end-to-end automated workflows that connect your teams, events and end users to your production environments. Engineers and operators can define automation incorporating infrastructure across your environments, and delegate these as self-service IT functions and APIs that can be invoked on-demand, scheduled or triggered by events. Runbook Automation Self-Hosted connects all your environments, from cloud-native applications at scale, to single customer tenants in data centers, to remote edge & IOT environments.

Runbook Automation Self-Hosted is a favorite on G2 including Easiest to Use and Momentum Leader for Summer 2023

Easiest to Use - Workload Automation Momentum Leader

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