Quickly Get Your Crisis Management Team Up and Running

Enable teams to take the right action in real time—every time.

What’s Your Crisis Management Plan?

Political and social upheaval is forcing many teams into crisis mode—which means organizations need to establish a clear crisis management process in order to keep employees safe and maintain business continuity.

Organizations with experienced crisis management teams have already started adding capacity and adapting to a remote-first working model. But those who didn’t have those teams before the pandemic are grappling with how to rapidly train employees for this role and find the right tools to manage response and communication when a crisis hits.

PagerDuty’s real-time operations platform, which helps organizations prioritize and manage urgent work, can help—not only by driving action across the business, but also by keeping business stakeholders informed about scenarios that could impact a company’s reputation or core business.

PagerDuty Is Here for You in Critical Moments

Respond quickly to any and all critical issues.
Ensure any reports related to COVID-19, civil unrest, or other serious issues get to the crisis management team. See to it that employees have access to the resources and help they need, and that any potentially impacted staff and management are kept up-to-date with the latest information.

Mitigate disruptions to manufacturing or supply chains.
Enable a central team to quickly react to any gaps in manufacturing or supply chain disruptions to maintain deliveries and provide updates to customers.

Manage critical issues no matter where you are.
Give remote-first, distributed crisis management teams the tools to be able to orchestrate a response on any platform and while they’re on the go.

Rapidly set up communication channels and divide roles and responsibilities

Quickly route emails and urgent phone calls to your crisis management team. Set up an on-call rotation so that individual team members don’t get burned out.


Easily prioritize incoming issues

Issues arising from a crisis can be numerous and vary in both severity and business impact. Rapidly prioritize issues according to their impact to employees, customers, and the business overall.


Communicate effectively with the business and other stakeholders

Implement standard processes to update business leaders and other stakeholders about emerging situations. Communicate quickly, increase confidence, and reduce panic with standardized email templates and dashboards.


Bring Your Own Stack

You don't have to change your processes: we work with the tools you’re already using.

With 700+ native integrations and the ability to build and customize workflows with the extensible PagerDuty APIs, we integrate data from all your tools to give you insights into your IT infrastructure. Our enhanced Events API v2 automatically normalizes all inbound events into common fields.

Respond your way and with the tools, you like using our bi-directional extensions so you can eliminate tool toggling, fix issues in-line, and automate ops-related tasks with your preferred ChatOps tool.

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