PagerDuty + AWS: Spend more time innovating.

Get more value from your AWS investment and resolve issues faster. PagerDuty gives you full visibility and automation power so you can maintain business continuity, protect your brand, and reduce the impact of incidents—and unlock unprecedented scale and agility in the cloud.


2023 AWS Partner of the year

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Elevate your AWS cloud operations.

Take rapid action across your hybrid infrastructure and all your technical and business services. Identify, escalate, automate, and resolve all your urgent and time-sensitive work—to ensure faster cloud adoptions and a smooth path to operations excellence.


Modernize your apps.

Our service based architecture helps you break down the monolith while ensuring ownership is clearly defined so teams can continuously drive innovation for your customers.


Automate workflows.

Automate business and IT processes across systems and infrastructure. See fewer interruptions, less frustration and burnout, and more free time for innovation.


Gain visibility.

Integrate data from all your tools for complete visibility across all your technical and business services, so your team can handle any issue with ease.

Ensure more resilient service on AWS.

Scalable, secure, and always-on digital operations for your enterprise

Empower your teams with a platform that delivers powerful automation capabilities, flexible access controls for better security at scale, and flexibility to integrate into your existing environment and technology stack.

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Innovate faster on AWS with full service ownership.

Give your team clear accountability across your services to streamline responses, reduce downtime, and drive continuous improvement and innovation.

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Automated Diagnostics: Faster resolutions, fewer interruptions, more savings.

Reduce MTTR by 25 minutes, escalations by 40%, and save at least one engineer’s time with out-of-the-box diagnostics for services like Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS, Amazon RDS, and more. Read our explainer docs and watch the overview webinar to learn more.

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700+ integrations so you can work how you want to.

From observability to cloud infrastructure to customer service, PagerDuty can easily fit into and augment any team’s toolkit.

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