Accelerating AWS Cloud Adoption & Enterprise Modernization

PagerDuty enables teams to unlock AWS’s unprecedented scale and agility by helping manage complex transitions from siloed and centralized approaches to multiple, distributed teams and hybrid infrastructure.

PagerDuty’s cloud platform gives teams complete visibility across your hybrid infrastructure and all your technical and business services. It helps you identify, escalate, automate and resolve urgent and time-sensitive work to ensure your cloud migration journey is painless, agile, and invisible to your customers.

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Transitioning to Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon CloudWatch
Automate your hybrid IT digital operations using CloudWatch Events and Alarms data from across your AWS ecosystem.
Amazon GuardDuty
Leverage GuardDuty’s malicious and unauthorized behavior data to determine the nature of a threat, its overall impact, and the correct action to take.
AWS CloudTrail
Use your AWS event history to power DevSecOps plays and integrate with systems of record like JIRA and SNOW—automatically and seamlessly.
AWS Personal Health Dashboard
Make real-time health updates from the AWS services you use and care about actionable for your entire organization.
Amazon EventBridge
Use PagerDuty with serverless, event-driven workflows to drive real-time operations across your AWS ecosystem.
AWS Security Hub
Automate your threat response process and quickly set up custom actions to prevent potential issues.
Amazon DevOps Guru
Leveraging machine learning-enabled application health information, AWS customers can take real-time action on operational issues before they become customer-impacting outages.
AWS Control Tower
Respond to real-time incidents across a complex, multi-account AWS environment and add policy guardrails for disparate teams to auto-remediate compliance issues.
AWS Outposts
Empower teams to manage incidents in real time for AWS infrastructure used in a private data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility for real-time, operations-enabled, hybrid-infrastructure environments.
AWS S3 Storage Lens
S3 Storage Lens helps you discover anomalies, identify cost efficiencies, and apply data protection best practices across accounts.

"The (Amazon DevOps Guru) integration with PagerDuty is a bonus as we can have recommendations delivered to the right people timely and efficiently.”

Steve Thoennes, Director of Infrastructure Hosting Portfolio—Thomson Reuters


Financial Services Competency

Digital transformation is top of mind for financial service organizations looking to meet ever-growing consumer demands, innovate faster, and deliver more value for their customers. Financial services impact millions of people and billions of dollars in revenue when they are down. The financial services industry faces heightened pressure to minimize downtime and security risks to retain customer trust.

PagerDuty is an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner that helps financial institutions accelerate their cloud migration and modernization initiatives securely and at scale. PagerDuty Operations Cloud™ manages all aspects of urgent and mission critical work for a modern, digital business operating in hybrid-cloud environments. Our deep partnership with AWS and our set of industry-leading integrations enables you to have full visibility across your hybrid-cloud infrastructure while streamlining and automating incident response and reducing impact to your customers.


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PagerDuty is available in AWS Marketplace enabling AWS customers to purchase subscriptions of PagerDuty more easily and quickly. All PagerDuty subscription purchases on AWS Marketplace are integrated into a customer’s AWS bill and customers can customize pricing for PagerDuty and other terms based on their needs using AWS Private Offers. AWS customers who are enrolled in AWS Enterprise Contracts also can purchase PagerDuty subscriptions using established, pre-approved enterprise licensing terms, simplifying the procurement process.

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