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Take Advantage of the New Product Trial of Runbook Automation for Incident Resolution

by Jorge Villamariona June 12, 2023 | 3 min read

The PagerDuty Operations Cloud is the platform that enables our customers to manage the full lifecycle of urgent incidents. Many of our customers are leveraging Process Automation to augment their incident response teams and as a key driver to grow and scale their capabilities. 

The work resulting from urgent incidents cannot be postponed because it impacts a company’s revenue or ability to service customers. Often, this work is repetitive and could be delegated to first responders. However, the deeper context needed to make accurate diagnosis and remediation of these incidents is locked away in production environments and requires knowledge, skills and access privileges from specialists. Responders frequently have to escalate the incident to already overworked specialists—a time-consuming process that can be disruptive, frustrating and repetitive.

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks from your incident resolution process, you can free up your engineers to focus on higher-value activities that require creativity and critical thinking. This, in turn, can lead to shorter MTTR, better customer experiences, faster innovation, revenue protection and improved profitability.

PagerDuty Automated Incident Resolution provides pre-built and customizable diagnostic and remediation capabilities that help first-responders determine the cause and initiate remediation within their production environment, which saves time and requires fewer individuals to assist with the response. Automating this repetition can speed up MTTR by 25% and reduce costs and interruptions by at least 50%.

In order to make it easier for our customers to realize how Automated Incident Resolution can speed up their MTTR, we rolled out the In-Product Trial of Runbook Automation for Incident Resolution last month. This trial is exclusively available to our Business and Digital Operations customers. PagerDuty users can request a trial from the automation tab using the Web UI:

Screenshot of automation tab using PagerDuty Web user interface.

The account owner will see an approval request via email. Upon approval, the account owner can set up a trial for Automation Actions and get a fully functional Runbook Automation instance in just a few minutes. Users will see a visual guide to help them get started authoring automation, including: Creating a Runbook Automation (RBA) Instance, Adding a Runner (a program that allows you to execute automation jobs in your environment), Adding Automation Actions (which allows you to invoke automation jobs and workflows from PagerDuty), Running Actions (from the PagerDuty incident details page), and viewing the output from the automation.

Screenshot of running Automation Actions.

We encourage you to fully take advantage of this trial to further automate and optimize your incident response process. We are looking forward to hearing your Incident Resolution Automation Success story.