Calibrate and Accelerate Your Cloud Migration

Your Cloud Migration Journey with AWS

Digital Transformation is in Your Hands

Stay on top of your cloud migration at every step. You know the cloud unlocks unprecedented scale and agility. But it can be hard to manage a complex transition across multiple, distributed teams and hybrid infrastructure.

With PagerDuty, you can stay on top of what your people, technology, and operations are doing in real-time—and make sure your transformation journey is painless and fast.

Are you prepared for the challenges of the cloud?

Managing hybrid-infrastructure increases complexity and changes workflows for Operations. How can teams leverage AIOps to automate key functions, so they can keep up?

Concurrently managing on-prem and cloud infrastructure multiplies the complexity of monitoring, supporting, and securing the business. How can Operations teams maintain visibility and control of their stack while it’s constantly shifting?

A shift to hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud means an exponential increase in infrastructure-related incidents. That, combined with an increasingly distributed team, increases operational complexity. How can teams break through all the noise to focus on what matters?

Empower your teams to take ownership of their work

Know exactly who to loop in and when so your teams can orchestrate a rapid response and build best-in-class incident management practices. Remove confusion and avoid wasted time finding the right stakeholder to engage by holding teams accountable for their entire code lifecycle.


Automated Response and Actionable Signals, when and where you need them

Arm service teams with an intelligent interface that will handle automated real-time response and only surface actionable alerts so they can resolve issues quickly. PagerDuty provides insights and analytics so teams can proactively identify and address underlying issues.


Unlock end-to-end visibility across services and hybrid infrastructure

PagerDuty’s cloud-agnostic platform integrates data from all your tools to provide a holistic view into your IT infrastructure across hybrid services and environments.


Accelerate digital transformation with service ownership

With over 10 years of experience working with clients moving to the cloud, PagerDuty has become a key partner helping ops teams navigate the challenges of hybrid environments and empower them to take action at the times that matter most.

Service Ownership is an operational model where development and operation teams have complete ownership over every aspect of the services they support: from design and development, to production operation, and the eventual sunsetting of their software.


Bring Your Own Stack

You don't have to change your processes: we work with the tools you’re already using.

With 700+ native integrations and the ability to build and customize workflows with the extensible PagerDuty APIs, we integrate data from all your tools to give you insights into your IT infrastructure. Our enhanced Events API v2 automatically normalizes all inbound events into common fields.

Respond your way and with the tools, you like using our bi-directional extensions so you can eliminate tool toggling, fix issues in-line, and automate ops-related tasks with your preferred ChatOps tool.

integration diagram

“The plan is to move away from a centralized management model and instead distribute alerts to the appropriate development teams. Meaning in the future we have the option to bring them on call so they have more ownership of their product, especially when it goes live in production.”

Ryan O’Gorman

Senior Operations Engineer, Auto Trader

Top Integrations


AWS CloudWatch


Microsoft Azure Alerts


Google Stackdriver




IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic