IBM Smarter Workforce previously known as Kenexa, provides recruitment and talent management solutions that integrate both people and processes. Their hosting operations support team was faced with the challenge of being unable to gain the visibility and contextual information they needed from incidents, making it difficult for them to be efficient.

IBM Smarter Workforce needed the right solution in place to help modernize their traditional IT methodologies in order to increase the team’s productivity and tackle incident management at scale. Moreover, IBM Smarter Workforce needed a solution to help them overcome the manual processes around managing on-call schedules and incident escalation.

Read the case study to learn how PagerDuty enabled IBM Smarter Workforce to modernize their incident management lifecycle and overcome the challenges of digital transformation. 

" Having PagerDuty in place is a huge win for our IT operations teams."
— Peter Kosmalski, Manager of Hosting Operations Support, IBM

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