SendGrid is a cloud-based customer communication platform that successfully delivers over 25 billion emails each month for Internet and mobile-based customers. With the high rate of emails that are sent from SendGrid, there are numerous incident alerts generated — up to 2,000 incident alerts in a typical day and tens of thousands per minute during technical incidents or outages. With this magnitude, finding a scalable enterprise-grade solution to help streamline and simplify the manual incident alert process was a top initiative for the company.

Before making the move to PagerDuty, SendGrid used a different vendor as their alerting tool, but when faced with scalability challenges they realized they needed a full-scale incident management solution in place to support their high volume of incidents.  SendGrid decided to make the move to a more reliable and scalable incident management platform.

Read the case study to learn why SendGrid made the move from a simple alerting tool to a full-scale incident management platform.

“We have confidence in PagerDuty and no longer have to worry about unnecessarily long outages and revenue loss. Everyone uses PagerDuty and knows the solution as an established provider”

—Mary Moore-Simmons, Engineering Operations, SendGrid

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