With the PagerDuty bi-directional extension for Slack, users can securely connect their Slack channels to PagerDuty in clicks, and take action on incidents directly in Slack with intuitive message buttons. Seamlessly take advantage of Slack’s collaboration capabilities and engage the right subject matter experts in real-time to resolve incidents faster. Download the Slack extension reference card now and learn how you can leverage the PagerDuty Slack extension to orchestrate ideal cross-functional response to business-impacting incidents, every time.

With the certified Slack bi-directional extension:

  • View and customize PagerDuty incident details, urgencies and other updates that send to Slack
  • Receive sufficient incident information for ITOps, Developer, and DevOps teams to immediately acknowledge or resolve incidents directly in Slack with message buttons
  • Easily tie Slack to multiple PagerDuty services in just a few clicks

Note: To use Slack’s slash commands to easily trigger new incidents in PagerDuty, see the Slack to PagerDuty Integration Guide