Customer and internal support expectations have never been higher. There are more channels for customers to reach out from — classic ticket-based helpdesk systems, social media, live chat, and more — and low switching costs that make it all too easy for unsatisfied customers to look elsewhere.
But as businesses grow, SLAs, reputation, and morale can suffer as trying to support 24×7 responsibilities without 24×7 staff can hamper retention if not done right. And without the right processes and tools in place, support team members suffer from wasted time, lack of context, and frustration. By adopting a best-practices approach to customer response, customer support organizations can prevent burnout, exceed customer expectations and SLAs, and reduce the cost of operations.

Learn how customer support teams can leverage PagerDuty to:

  • Empower on-call support staff: Centralize customer data from any channel in PagerDuty, and deliver the ideal response every time
  • Optimize people mobilization and processes: Engage stakeholders across the business to orchestrate the ideal resolution in real-time
  • Support a growing user base: Eliminate inefficiencies and rightsize team resources to do more with less