Minimize Downtime. Maximize Marketing Opportunities.

Within every digital business, incidents happen and Marketing teams are called into action for broad customer communications. Though the day job of digital marketers focuses on customer acquisition, events can happen that also require immediate action. But with an increasingly complex technology stack to optimize ad spend, capture leads, and analyze campaign performance, it can be challenging to sort out signal from noise.

Downtime can result in lost leads or wasted ad spend, and a lack of visibility into failures and an inability to respond in real time only add to the chaos. But when available, the stream of digital signals from the Marketing tech stack can provide unique insights into prospect behavior, especially if they can be harnessed into immediate action.

With PagerDuty’s platform for Digital Operations Management, you can capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities, be responsive to customer needs, and become a truly agile Marketer.

PagerDuty for MarketingOps:

  • Improve prospect experience
  • Optimize marketing team productivity
  • Turn signals into marketing opportunity