Interested to learn how new PagerDuty integrations for AWS can help your teams drive real-time digital operations?

Join Joe Norman, AWS Solutions Architect and Eric Burns, PagerDuty Senior Solutions Architect as they discuss how PagerDuty integrations have optimized real-time operations for AWS customers like William Hill, FanDuel, Pitney Bowes, and Xero.

You’ll learn:

  • How PagerDuty’s new integrations for Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Personal Health Dashboard, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS CloudTrail work
  • How PagerDuty automatically turns signals into the right insights and actions, enabling you to proactively mitigate issues
  • How the new integrations provide real-time operation intelligence across applications and services, AWS platforms, and hybrid environments
  • Why you need real-time operations to innovate and scale with confidence

Meet our Speakers

Joe Norman

Joe Norman

Partner Solutions Architect
Eric Burns

Eric Burns

Senior Solutions Architect

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