ChatOps — conversation-driven development -— is changing the way development and operations teams work, helping increase productivity by an average of 32% and team transparency by 80.4%1. By bringing your tools into your conversations, you can automate tasks, develop, and fix issues more effectively by learning and working in a single environment.

Join us as we share use cases and examples of how to leverage ChatOps for better collaboration with more flexibility and speed than ever before. We share and demo our ChatOps extensions to popular chat tools, including HipChat, Slack, Flowdock, Cisco Spark, and more!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Streamline ChatOps incident management
  • Leverage message buttons to increase speed during response
  • Easily fix issues in context without toggling between tools
  • Automate ops-related tasks with bots and slash commands
  • Enforce user permissions and analytics

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