We sat down with J. Paul Reed, internationally recognized speaker on DevOps, release engineering, and operations complexity to talk about best practices around postmortems. In the AMA, we not only discover best practices, we get advice on how to work with other teams and field questions from the Community!

Check out our Community AMA with J. Paul Reed to discover:

  • How do you keep blameless retrospectives truly blameless?
  • What are key postmortem best practices that many organizations don’t do that they should be doing?
  • How do you engage members of a team help drive outcomes?
  • And more!

Meet our Speakers

J. Paul Reed

J. Paul Reed


Paul has over fifteen years experience in the trenches as a build/release engineer, working with such storied companies as VMware, Mozilla, Postbox, Symantec, Salesforce, and Intuit.

In 2012, he founded Release Engineering Approaches, a consultancy incorporating a host of tools and techniques to help organizations “SimplyShip. Every time.” He’s worked across a number of industries, from financial services to cloud-based infrastructure to health care, with teams ranging from 2 to 2,500 on everything from tooling, operational analysis and improvement, cultural transformation, and business value optimization.

He speaks internationally on release engineering, DevOps, operational complexity, and human factors and is currently a Masters of Science candidate in Human Factors & Systems Safety at Lund University.

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