Employee attrition is a challenge that every organization, regardless of industry, faces. People change jobs and move companies for many different reasons. This got us thinking—is on-call health a factor that can significantly affect employee attrition rates? If the health factors of on-call pain are bad enough, could it cause your employees to leave your company prematurely?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll address these questions and more, as well as results from a global survey of IT managers and practitioners on employee attrition.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into how to:

  • Tackle employee dissatisfaction with real-time operations health data
  • Effectively build and retain teams responsible for your digital transformation
  • Gain insight into the most impactful operations health indicators as they relate to average employee tenure length across your organization

Meet our Speakers

Ophir Ronen

Ophir Ronen

Director of Digital Operations Insights
Stephen O’Grady

Stephen O’Grady

Principal Analyst & Co-founder
 Mary Moore-Simmons

Mary Moore-Simmons

Engineering Operations Manager

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