Real-Time Collaboration

Recruit, Collaborate, and Share Knowledge

Resolve incidents faster by getting the right people involved and allowing them to communicate effectively. Go beyond your on-call responders and mobilize additional experts dynamically to address incidents in real time. Engage stakeholders across the business so they can be engaged in the response workflow to accelerate business response. PagerDuty integrates with your existing ChatOps tools, conferencing solutions, and ticketing systems to streamline your incident workflow.

PagerDuty streamlines communication and delegates critical issues across all of our technical groups. It solved a problem for us.

The Rubicon Project
Jan Gelin, VP of Technical Operations, The Rubicon Project

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Stakeholder Engagement

With the Stakeholder user license, stakeholders across the organization can subscribe or be added into critical incidents to receive real-time status notifications via their preferred channels. Learn More

ChatOps Client Integrations

Use native integrations with popular ChatOps tools, including Atlassian, HipChat and Slack, to send alerts to a chat channel where they can then be acknowledged and resolved.

Response Bridge

From any conference provider (WebEx, Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting), include meeting details for a conference bridge directly in a critical incident for real-time resolution. Learn More

Response Mobilizer

Dynamically invite individuals by name or escalation policy to collaborate directly on any PagerDuty incident with rich, contextual details. Learn More

Ticketing System Integrations

Integrate with any ticketing system to automatically create tickets from alerts and sync status, audit history, and incident details between the two.

Team Responder

Stop users from accidentally acknowledging or resolving incidents they aren’t involved with.  Learn More

Workflow Extensions

Configure operational workflows between PagerDuty and other 3rd party solutions for the bi-directional flow of information that helps provide consistent information to disparate teams and services. Learn More

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PagerDuty’s Incident Resolution Platform cuts through noise and helps you resolve
incidents faster.

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