Application Performance Management for Modern Systems

LightStep [x]PM allows organizations running distributed systems to collect, analyze, and act on detailed diagnostic data that cut across service boundaries. Performance may be measured flexibly along any dimension, and the product explains both normal and anomalous behavior through the use of distributed transaction traces. LightStep [x]PM supports real-time monitoring and alerting, integrated with both timeseries data and representative transaction traces. [x]PM also supports programmatic APIs for much of its functionality and integrates directly with both open-and closed-source monitoring and measurement tools.
LightStep DigitalOcean rely on [x]PM for rapid incident response and proactive performance management.

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LightStep [x]PM

Know What Matters Most

LightStep [x]PM is the only distributed tracing technology that captures 100% of transactions at scale so dev teams never miss performance outliers, no matter how rare.

Monitor Your Migration to Microservices

Microservices require more than simple statistics for performance measurement. [x]PM latency histograms help teams understand performance patterns.

Pinpoint the Root Cause

[x]PM pinpoints latency issues by computing statistics on 100% of diagnostic data. Critical path detection enables immediate focus on the root cause.

About LightStep

LightStep is helping leading enterprise organizations, including Lyft, Twilio, and DigitalOcean, maintain control over their complex distributed systems. LightStep was founded in 2015 by former Google employees with deep expertise in performance management and is funded by Sequoia, Redpoint, Harrison Metal, and Cowboy Ventures.
Reduce MTTR

Resolve issues faster with native integration between LightStep [x]PM and PagerDuty.

Context-rich alerts

Context-rich alerts with complete distributed trace examples help developers accelerate root cause analysis.

Fine-grained monitoring

Fine-grained monitoring enables high-dimensional use cases such as enforcing custom SLA or SLO for specific high-value customers.

Right person, right time

Segment performance data without cardinality limits ensures incidents are always assigned to the right team members.

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