Log Management at Any Scale

LogDNA’s Cloud logging platform helps your DevOps teams find and fix production issues faster so your teams can get back to doing what they do best, building amazing products.

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LogDNA Log Management Platform

Enterprise Grade

Ingest logs from any platform and scale for log volume of any size. We are HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliant.

Fast and Intuitive Interface

Our modern logging platform was made for developers with our real-time live tail. Instantly centralize, search, and graph your logs from any platform.

Lowest Industry TCO

Whether you’re upgrading from an open source solution or looking for a new solution, we offer the lowest TCO in the industry.

About LogDNA

At LogDNA, we believe in a world where our customers with mission critical applications and services can achieve zero downtime. We’ve started with logging, but we aim to build the best tools and applications to make sure engineering teams and developer operations can achieve that goal.

LogDNA uses PagerDuty Connect to securely grab each user’s API key for submitting events.

Directly create PagerDuty events with LogDNA alerts. Alerts are generated against patterned matched logs and specific frequency/time thresholds.

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