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Automatically Connect Teams for More Efficient Incident Response

Sumo Logic’s integration with PagerDuty will help organizations bridge this gap by taking the complexity out of these differing policies to provide a unified plan of attack. With Cloud SOAR’s automation power and PagerDuty’s automatic workflow notification system, organizations can build their different policies and procedures into one seamless process. This allows incident responders to focus their time and efforts on containing a potential threat, confident that the appropriate stakeholders have been notified according to the organization’s incident handling policies.

Benefits of Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR and PagerDuty Integration

About Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native machine data (logs and metrics) analytics service, which provides IT Operations, DevOps and Engineering teams real-time insights into modern application operations to enable faster identification and troubleshooting of application and infrastructure performance and availability issues.


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