Drive Adoption and Compliance across your SaaS portfolio

Trelica’s SaaS management platform gives IT teams insight into what apps are in use in your organization and why, so you can make informed decisions about spend, information security & data privacy. Connect PagerDuty and Trelica to automatically import information into Trelica about how PagerDuty is being used by your teams. This allows you to run compliance reports, such as flagging administrators who have not logged in recently, or drive engagement by identifying users who are not regularly using PagerDuty.

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Trelica gives IT teams visibility into the use of SaaS applications. Trelica is built on the idea of automatically bringing together data about SaaS, whether spend, usage, infosec or privacy related. This is a springboard to easing routine compliance and management tasks, and partnering with application owners to maximize value.


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