Blue Matador Integration Guide

Blue Matador is a proactive monitoring solution for AWS environments. It notifies of impending issues regarding AWS infrastructures autonomously without any configuration or ongoing maintenance, enabling Ops teams to fix problems on their own schedule are reduce fatigue surrounding monitoring.

Setting Up PagerDuty Notifications in Blue Matador

  1. Log in to your Blue Matador account and go to Setup and select Notifications.
  2. Under Available Integrations section, find the PagerDuty tile and click connect.
  3. Click the Connect Pagerduty button to open a window to PagerDuty.
  4. Authorize the integration by entering your PagerDuty login information and clicking Authorize Integration.
  5. Select or create a new service and escalation policy on which to receive Blue Matador notifications. Please note that you will be able to move the integration key in PagerDuty should you want to add to an active service.
  6. You will be redirected to Blue Matador. If the authorization was successful you should see your PagerDuty details.
  7. Enter a name for your PagerDuty integration. This name is only used to differentiate between multiple integrations and can be changed later.
  8. Select which Blue Matador events to receive in PagerDuty. We recommend selecting Alerts only when integrating with PagerDuty for an on-call ops team.
  9. Set up the PagerDuty webhook by copying the endpoint URL and add the webhook as a Generic V2 Webhook so that your Blue Matador events can be linked to the PagerDuty incidents they create.
  10. Select Verify Keys button to create a test PagerDuty incident and ensure the integration is set up correctly. NOTE: The user on-call for the escalation policy will receive a notification for this test alert. Resolve the incident in your PagerDuty account.
  11. Once verified, select Save to complete your integration. Now the events you selected will automatically create PagerDuty incidents when they are triggered, and resolve their associated PagerDuty incident when they resolve.



Can I set up multiple PagerDuty notifications?

Yes, simply follow the setup guide again using another PagerDuty account, or the same account and a different service or escalation policy.

How do I manually create a PagerDuty incident for a Blue Matador event?

On any Alert, Warning, or Anomaly viewed in the Alerts, Warnings, or Timeline pages, use the Actions drop down to create a PagerDuty incident.

How do I resolve PagerDuty incidents in Blue Matador?

Blue Matador events are automatically resolved when the underlying issue causing them is resolved. When Blue Matador events get resolved, the corresponding incident in PagerDuty will become resolved as well. You can also use the PagerDuty website or app to resolve PagerDuty incidents, but this will not cause the event to resolve in BlueMatador.


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