Platform Extensibility

Easily Extensible Incident Management Platform

Easily extend PagerDuty’s incident management platform. Leverage new developer resources such as the enhanced developer portal, SDKs, code examples and more to integrate your management, monitoring and ChatOps tools.

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Events API v2

The enhanced Events API automatically normalizes inbound events and makes it easier to slice and dice all your event data.

Deliver with Speed and Performance

Enable more agile delivery from your dev team with the latest API (v2) featuring superior API consistency and performance.

Developer Portal

Access resources on connecting any service or tool to the PagerDuty platform, with our developer portal.

Write your own custom code and embed it directly in an iframe within PagerDuty to extend functionality for your users.

Incident Enrichment

Decrease MTTA and MTTR by embedding real-time metrics and contextual information directly within an incident.

Convert a payload sent by any tool that can send an HTTP request, to a payload understood by PagerDuty.

Out of the box Extensibility

With over 150+ native integrations, PagerDuty is the industry leader in ecosystem extensibility. Visit our Integrations page to learn more about integrating with us.

Workflow Extensions

Configure operational workflows between PagerDuty and other 3rd party solutions for the bi-directional flow of information that helps provide consistent information to disparate teams and services

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PagerDuty’s Incident Resolution Platform cuts through noise and helps you resolve
incidents faster.

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