Service Group

Aggregate alerts from individual services for a comprehensive view of the organization’s application and service infrastructure

Structure your microservices, applications, custom tools, or infrastructure components as they actually exist in your environment.

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Consistent Views

Service Groups are structured identically to how a service is deployed in the IT infrastructure.

Group Integrations

Aggregate integrations from monitoring, ticketing, automation, and deployment tools into a Service Group rather than individual management silos.

Move Existing Integrations

Seamlessly move existing integrations from one Service Group to another. Easily consolidate integrations under one or more Service Groups.

Faster Incident Resolution

Resolve disruptions at the service level rather than in technology silos.

Reliable Notification and Escalation

Service Groups still use the notification, scheduling and escalation policies already established in PagerDuty.

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PagerDuty’s Incident Resolution Platform cuts through noise and helps you resolve
incidents faster.

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