UDP, RTP, HTTP and HLS Quality Control and Measurement of QoS & QoE Parameters

Elecard Boro is an active probing technology for UDP, RTP, HTTP and HLS quality control and measurement of QoS & QoE parameters. It was designed to enable better video quality in all segments of distributed networks. Elecard Boro is a client-server application consisting of software Boro probe and Boro server. Available as a cloud service or on premise solution. Boro probes can be deployed over entire network: at head-end station, at input streams monitoring points and after transcoding, multiplexing and encrypting modules; at end-points of delivery networks, signal distribution points and last mile locations.

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Elecard Boro

About Elecard

Founded in 1988 Elecard is a leading provider of technologies and software products for encoding, decoding, monitoring and analysis of video and audio data in various formats for a variety of verticals: IPTV, OTT, DVB, military, security, medicine, sports, and transportation.



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