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Automated Client-side Web Application Security

The Feroot Security & PagerDuty integration enables businesses to detect client-side threats in real-time using Feroot Security Inspector and then send incident alerts with rich context directly to PagerDuty to enable rapid threat operations and response across your organization. The integration brings client-side security event detection, data protection, incident data enrichment, and incident response orchestration together to improve overall business operations and help solve problems holistically while making security programs future proof. Feroot Security and PagerDuty significantly decrease your mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) client-side attacks such as Magecart, e-skimming, cross-site scripting, formjacking, and more.

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Feroot Security believes that customers should be able to do business securely with any company online, without risk or compromise. Feroot secures client-side web applications so businesses can deliver flawless digital user experiences to their customers. Leading brands trust Feroot to protect their client-side attack surface. Visit


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