Continuous Assurance

When Moogsoft surfaces an incident, it is sent to PagerDuty in real-time. Based on the insights derived from the underlying data through the algorithms applied by Moogsoft, PagerDuty knows the exact teams and people that need to take action and the teams and people that need to be informed. Users have the context they need to respond using a variety of options including acknowledging, escalating, and more. They can also add comments and notes directly from PagerDuty. Moogsoft AIOps’ Situation Room allows all users to share a consistent view, while both platforms stay in sync throughout the lifecycle of the incident. Once the incident is resolved, PagerDuty streamlines post-mortems to speed up future response, by leveraging Moogsoft’s historical knowledge of prior, similar incidents.

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Benefits of Moogsoft

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Moogsoft posts intelligent notifications to PagerDuty to engage the right individuals and teams faster, with better quality information, keeping both platforms and everyone in sync, allowing teams to collaborate and resolve incidents before they impact business services.



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