Be Alerted to Critical Errors and Performance Issues Affecting Your Apps

It’s one thing to be alerted to an issue, but quite another to easily diagnose what’s wrong and why. Raygun helps you find that needle in the haystack and zero in on the root causes behind your PagerDuty alerts. With Raygun monitoring your applications, diagnostic information about an error or performance issue is a single click away. Resolve issues faster than ever before and deliver higher quality experiences for your customers.

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Raygun Crash Reporting and Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Be Alerted to Errors and Performance Issues

By silently monitoring your web and mobile applications, Raygun listens out for issues users are experiencing and alerts you through PagerDuty when spikes in frequency occur.

Deep Diagnostics Into the Root Cause of Issues

Full context details about the problem are available in a single click. Pinpoint the problem in seconds without having to hunt around for extra clues around what happened and why.

Resolve Incidents with Greater Speed and Agility

Share error details and performance metrics with your entire team. Using two-way sync, changes you make in Raygun are then reflected in PagerDuty. Simple.

About Raygun

Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Detect, diagnose and resolve issues that are affecting end users with greater speed and accuracy. Spot every bug. Discover every performance issue. Ship new features faster and deliver flawless user experiences.

Easily connect your Raygun and PagerDuty accounts

Automatic detection of errors, unhandled exceptions and crashes happening to your users

Set thresholds of when to trigger a PagerDuty alert based on amount of issue occurrences seen in a given time period

Intelligent two-way sync allows you to mark incidents as resolved in PagerDuty directly from Raygun

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