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Speedway - Scriptable API Performance & Uptime Monitoring

When you're aiming for five nines uptime (99.999%), every second counts. Don't lose valuable seconds, minutes, or hours by discovering problems too late. Speedway's high-frequency testing and rapid alerting buys you time and helps you build a stronger API. It’s like round-the-clock, globally distributed integration testing for your API. Build transactional scripts that fire off API calls one after another, and Speedway will tirelessly run those scripts for you 24x7x365. Most of the time, your API stays fast, functional, and reliable. But when it doesn’t… Speedway will quickly detect the problem and create an incident in PagerDuty. PagerDuty then takes over and routes the incident to the right person on your team to fix it.

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About Speedway

Speedway is powered by the Loadster cloud testing platform. It’s a streamlined API performance and uptime monitoring solution, that makes setting up global round-the-clock API monitoring as easy as reasonably possible. With help from PagerDuty, Speedway watches over your API, and lets you know as soon as anything goes wrong.


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