Automate Your Ticketing Management with PagerDuty and Swimlane

The Swimlane and PagerDuty integration enables users to open new incidents, locate on-call users or teams for assignment of incidents, and to pull in PagerDuty services into Swimlane. It also enables users to automate these tasks for quicker investigation of alerts and to ensure companies have the right people available to remediate them.

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Swimlane and PagerDuty Integration

Automated Creation of Incidents

With the power of Swimlane, PagerDuty incidents can be created automatically when custom thresholds are met. This means incidents are created faster and users don’t have to waste valuable time evaluating whether or not an alert is important.

Automated Tasking of On-Call Analysts

Traditionally, once an incident is created the next step is to find the someone to triage it. It can be time consuming to determine who is currently available to do so with the adequate skill level. Swimlane workflows automate the assignment of new incidents to the best available analyst.

Enhanced Case Management

This integration pulls all of an organization’s security tools into Swimlane for enhanced case management. This brings the entire toolset into a single location so users stop wasting time jumping from tool to tool for enrichment.

About Swimlane

Swimlane’s SOAR platform integrates with PagerDuty to enrich case management, orchestrate security tools and automate incident response processes. This delivers enhanced incident response capabilities with significantly faster mean time to resolution without additional overhead.
Integration Features

Create a new incident on PagerDuty

List all on-call users on PagerDuty

List all policies on PagerDuty

Gets a list of services on PagerDuty

Gets a list of teams on PagerDuty

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