Templarbit AppSec Intelligence

Software companies use Templarbit to establish a data driven approach to AppSec. With a native PagerDuty integration, security events from Templarbit can be directly routed and seen in PagerDuty’s apps.

Templarbit AppSec Intelligence

Reach Compliance Faster

Templarbit is the fastest path for companies to gain the ability to meet the compliance needs of customers, investors and cover regulatory requirements.

Reduce Risk

Fast and reliable defense across the OWASP Top 10, account take over, business logic abuse and more. Fully customizable via API calls and with a native PagerDuty integration.

AI Powered

Go beyond standard WAF features and infuse your stack with AppSec Intelligence. High-fidelity data and machine learning powered automation will cut down your security workload.

About Templarbit

Templarbit protects modern software environments with a comprehensive and best in class threat protection solution that is powered by AppSec intelligence. Software businesses rely on Templarbit to establish a data driven approach to security that reduces their attack surfaces and automates their security tasks.
Integration Features

Templarbit will send discovered security events to PagerDuty.

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