Keep business processes running smoothly

Keep business processes running smoothly to handle critical work better and move faster.

Mitigate business impact with PagerDuty

Critical work isn’t just the domain of IT. Nearly every department has work that cannot afford to slip through the cracks. Overnight payments fail. Marketing reports break. Human Resources departments need to create timely offboarding experiences for employees. When these situations arise, you need a resilient process that puts work into the right hands without delay. PagerDuty can help. PagerDuty builds resilience in systems and ensures accountability within your teams by looping people in at the right time to handle critical work immediately.

PagerDuty Solution Guides for Business

Prevent critical work from being delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as reporting failures or issues outside of business hours.
Ensure critical work is handled by the right people every time, building consistency in your system and processes.
Accelerate critical processes like sales approvals, hiring and candidate interviews, or fixing back office system failures.
Workflow of business issue discovery and notification routing to the correct person or team to address it.

Notify the right person when critical work requires immediate attention

Teams ranging from Sales, to Marketing, to Human Resources, to Finance, have tasks that are routine and can be carried out with a ticketing workflow. They’re fine to sit in a queue for a few days unattended. But, critical work is different. Critical work can’t wait until the next morning or after the weekend to discover the opportunity. Instead, it refers to a change that needs to be addressed, and requires someone accountable for making sure it’s resolved.

Critical work is often unplanned, and occurs during non-business hours. Additionally, when critical work is discovered, it can be unclear who owns it, resulting in confusion and poor coordination within and between teams. Ultimately, it falls through the cracks. This translates to a negative customer, employee, or candidate experience.

With PagerDuty, you can set notifications for critical work like overnight processing of financial payments, key changes in prospect accounts and communications, and employee offboarding. These notifications will be assigned to a single person or team who will be accountable for resolving this critical workflow. You can tailor who the notification belongs to by team and situation, making it highly customizable and reliable. The accountable party can then address the critical work quickly before the business is impacted.


Assign and escalate critical tasks to ensure accountability

Marketers risk amplifying failures when they launch campaigns during major outrages within their product. Recruiters risk losing sought-after candidates because they forget to follow-up promptly to those candidates’ emails. Public Relations teams risk protecting their company’s reputation because they don’t discover moments to pivot early enough.

Teams must follow up with this critical work to ensure it’s actioned. When critical work occurs, the most common way teams go about resolving it is by sending an email to the accountable party or opening a ticket. These emails are often buried in inboxes, and even high priority tickets sit in a queue longer than what the business requires. In these moments, you need a better, faster way to make sure that accountable teams or people are aware of and addressing critical work in a timely manner.

PagerDuty allows teams to assign critical work to a specific person and set escalations to ensure completion. If the notification isn’t acknowledged and resolved within a certain customizable time period, a notification is sent to an additional person, such as a manager, to ensure the work is actioned to reduce impact. Critical work is prioritized accordingly and escalated as needed to ensure it’s completed fast and right.


Remove administrative toil and create reliable business processes

Some work is predictable and routine, yet still critical. And it adds toil on your teams to initiate and track these processes. Additionally, it increases operational costs to have team members doing low-value work. Following up, sending reminder emails, and chasing people between meetings is slow and unreliable. And it keeps your team from higher priority work.

Rather than spending precious time jumping through these tedious hoops, trigger notifications for routine processes such as month-end sales quote updates, keeping employee wage and tax information up-to-date, and more. This helps your team stay accountable while accomplishing critical work with as little toil as possible. And, it ensures that your business workflows stay reliable.


PagerDuty helps organizations achieve:

$3.48 million annual average benefit due to revenue protection from reduced downtime

85% reduction in time needed to identify critical issues

$352k risk mitigation

a three-year 795% ROI

with a payback period of 2.1 months

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