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xMatters customer? It’s time to switch to a modern operations platform.

Prepare your IT organization for the future. PagerDuty is trusted by teams at over 60 of the Fortune 100 to manage critical issues in today’s dynamic and distributed environments. If you’re ready to achieve greater agility and responsiveness, and lower your maintenance costs, then now is the time to make the switch to a modern digital operations management platform.

When you replace xMatters with PagerDuty, you can:

  • Harmonize communication across centralized and distributed engineering teams using a product loved by both. No more bottlenecks or lack of visibility in your critical moments.
  • Speed up responses and resolutions, as issues get routed directly to the right people for the job. No more wasting time in war rooms and struggling to find a subject matter expert.
  • Reduce noise and avoid alert fatigue. No more false positives or alerts blasted out to everyone for any and all issues, regardless of priority.

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