Interviewing at PagerDuty

PagerDuty is committed to inclusive hiring. Creating a culture of innovation, equity, and belonging is at the heart of our strategy.

From attracting to interviewing and onboarding talent, we are intentional about removing access barriers, creating equitable systems, emphasizing candidate-centric processes, and promoting strong internal awareness around potential biases.

As a candidate, you can expect the same level of care as we give to our customers and employees. Feel free to communicate openly with your recruiter if any questions or concerns come up throughout your interview process, whether it’s about scheduling, timeline, expectations, or something else - we’re happy to help.

Virtual Interviews

Your PagerDuty interviews will take place virtually via Zoom video conferencing. Some of your interviews may require collaboration and whiteboarding with the team, in which case we have different tools and platforms to help you share your ideas. We’ll send you the details in advance, so you can ensure you have all of the necessary systems set up.

What to expect

We follow a structured interview process to mitigate bias and ensure a fair and equitable experience for all candidates. Your interviews will include a mix of behavioral and technical questions - and for some roles, a practical assignment for you to try the role on. We believe this format provides an objective way to evaluate your candidacy, and predict future success at PagerDuty.

How to prepare

Be ready to share how your skills and experience qualify you for the role, why you're interested in PagerDuty, and how you share our values. For the behavioral interview questions, we recommend preparing a few stories to share using STAR format. Don't worry - we won’t surprise you with any brain-teasers or riddles! We want to learn about how you’ve tackled challenges in your previous experience, and how you could bring that here to PagerDuty.

Tips for interviewing
Choose your spot wisely.

Make sure you are somewhere that’s distraction-free. This includes closing all unnecessary windows on your computer, turning off notifications, and ensuring your machine is fully charged.

Be ready.

At least 30 minutes before the interview, ensure everything is in place—including you! Enter the meeting a few minutes early. This gives you a chance to check your equipment one last time and shows you're prompt and ready to go.

Wear what makes you comfortable.

We’re pretty relaxed at PagerDuty, but feel free to wear whatever makes you feel best!

Test your equipment.

Conduct a test run with your webcam or phone. We use Zoom video conferencing, so we suggest familiarizing yourself with its basic functionality beforehand.

Ask questions.

We love questions! They help us learn how you think and what’s important to you.


Relax! We don’t want this to be a stressful experience. Every interviewer you’ll meet was once in your shoes.

  • "Managing a 24/7 world is a humbling goal, and we need you to continue to grow. Our recruiting team is committed to a candidate experience where you authentically get to know us, and we get to know you. We promise that you will be able to showcase your best skills, be treated fairly, and imagine what it's like to work at PagerDuty. I want your journey to becoming a Dutonian to be your best recruiting experience yet."

    Tracie Giles, Vice President, Talent Acquisition
  • "PagerDuty has a welcoming, and inviting interview culture. Candidates come in with a ball of nerves, and after speaking with our interviewers, they are eager and excited to join the PD family!"

    Liz Marrow, Recruiting Coordinator
  • "PagerDuty is an exciting place to work! We love it when we talk to candidates that are also excited about PagerDuty. If you are not familiar with us, there are informative and entertaining YouTube videos and customer stories that we think you will enjoy and will spark the fire that we have.”

    Dick Hart, Senior Recruiter

Life @ PagerDuty:

After you ace that interview and sign on with us, our team will assist you in launching your PagerDuty journey from where you are. Our onboarding is now a remote experience, with multiple opportunities for folks to connect with each other and their team. Your safety is top priority, and we'll support your transition to the office (if applicable) when the time is right.

Most importantly, we understand that life happens. We love it when Dutonian’s partners, parents, kids, and pets pop into view, so don’t worry if yours make an appearance, too.

Every employee on our team is here to offer support and a sense of community. We'll be with you and we will support you in every way possible.

PagerDuty is for people

We continue to focus on taking care of our employees by providing support and resources to ensure the wellbeing of every Dutonian and their families.

Competitive pay and equity


Generous paid time off and parental leave

20 hours paid volunteer time off annually

Hands-on career and leadership development programs

Medical coverage on day one

Generous WFH allowance