Interviewing at PagerDuty

Our mission is to keep the world always on. In this current reality, our commitment is stronger than ever. Our customers around the world are relying on us to help them adapt and continue to deliver exceptional digital experiences for their customers, respond faster, and save money on operational costs.

We care just as much about our future Dutonians, and folks interested in joining us on this journey can expect the same level of care during our interview and onboarding processes.

#BringYourself — Remote Interviews

  • We’re interviewing remotely. Our conversational approach to interviewing works well in this format. Some of our interviews require collaboration and whiteboarding with the team, so we have different tools and platforms to help you share your ideas.
  • You can expect more flexibility: These are trying times for everyone. We can schedule interviews with plenty of breaks built-in and will do our best to accommodate your life at home.
  • Tips for interviewing
    • Choose your spot wisely. Make sure you have the interview someplace that’s distraction-free. This includes closing all unnecessary software on your computer, turning off notifications, and ensuring your machine is fully charged.
    • Test your equipment. Conduct a test run with your webcam or phone. We use Zoom video conferencing so if you have remote meetings and/or need to share your screen, it helps to be familiar beforehand.
    • Be ready. At least 10 minutes before the interview, ensure everything is in place—including you! Enter the meeting a few minutes early. This gives you a chance to check your equipment one last time and shows you’re prompt and ready to go.
    • Ask questions. This is your chance to be vocal and really show your interest in the company and position.
    • Wear what makes you comfortable. We are pretty relaxed at PagerDuty but feel free to wear whatever makes you feel best!
    • #BringYourself. And relax! This is an interview, but we don’t want this to be a stressful experience. Every interviewer in the room was once in your shoes.

Starting Life @ PagerDuty:

  • After you ace that interview and sign on with us, our team will assist you in launching your PagerDuty journey from where you are. Our onboarding is now a remote experience, with multiple opportunities for folks to connect with each other and their team. Your safety is top priority, and we’ll support your transition to the office (if applicable) when the time is right.
  • Most importantly, we understand that life happens. We love it when Dutonian’s partners, parents, kids, and pets pop into view, so don’t worry if yours make an appearance, too.
  • Every employee on our team is here to offer support and a sense of community. We'll be with you and we will support you in every way possible.

The Perks Are Yours From Day One

  • We continue to focus on taking care of our employees by providing support and resources to ensure the wellbeing of every Dutonian and their families.
    • Enhanced benefits COVID-19
      • Emergency Paid Sick & Caregiver's Leave
      • A one-time reimbursement to make working from home easier, plus an internet allowance and $100 noise-canceling headphones allowance
      • Virtual community events for employees, caregivers, and families
    • Universal benefits
      • Paid vacation (3 weeks vacation your first year, 4 weeks afterward) in addition to state holidays and ample sick leave
      • Paid employee Volunteer Time - 20 hours per year
      • Cell phone allowance
      • Infertility Benefits
      • Cleo - Helps employees transition to parenthood
      • Prudential - Student Loan Wellness
      • Adoption Expense Reimbursement
      • Backup Childcare
      • Quarterly company-wide hack weeks

Please reach out to your recruiting contact if you have any other questions.