Bukalapak Reduces Incident Response SaaS Spend by 10 percent with PagerDuty

Size: 2,000+

Industry: E-Commerce

Location: Indonesia

Customer Since: 2022

In Indonesia, small family-owned businesses (known as warungs) own 70% of the country’s $260 billion grocery market. But these nearly four million businesses haven’t accomplished that alone. Bukalapak, a local e-commerce company and one of the largest in Southeast Asia, introduced an online-to-offline model that enables warungs to offer virtual products to customers who aren’t connected to the Internet.

In order to scale that effort, Bukalapak is continually looking to streamline and improve processes in cost-effective ways. When they were introduced to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud, they found a solution that could easily help them reduce costs and drive innovation. “When we evaluated our systems and partners, we found that PagerDuty could provide so much more than our current vendor was,” explained Jun Yao, SVP of Engineering . “We increased operational efficiency by switching PagerDuty, which resulted in more than a 10 percent reduction in our SaaS incident response platform spend.”

“With PagerDuty, we were able to reduce our SaaS incident response platform spend by more than 10 percent.”
-Jun Yao, SVP of Engineering

Since implementing PagerDuty, Bukalapak has not only reduced their costs, but have also reduced downtime, ensuring that the warungs are always on and their customers have a great experience. “The value of PagerDuty was clear from day one,” said Junrui Chen, Head of Infrastructure. “Our teams are now aligned to respond to and resolve issues faster, keeping our site running 24×7 – creating a great customer experience.”

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