Casumo Goes All-In on PagerDuty for Digital Operations Management

Size: 201-500+ Employees

Industry: Betting & Gaming

Location: Swieqi, Malta

Customer Since: 2019

Key Integrations:


Casumo, an award-winning online casino headquartered in the archipelago of Malta, has been a disruptor in the online gaming industry since its inception in 2012. The company’s motto of “Your Favorite Online Casino” stems from their modernized “instant play” interface, mobile compatibility, and their unique promotional reward system. Because of its “user first” mentality, maintaining a perfect customer experience and keeping players loyal and online is critical to Casumo’s continued success.

With an online library of over 2,000 games and a system that grants over 31,000 rewards to users on a daily basis, Casumo’s mobile device and desktop platforms require around-the-clock monitoring in order to keep its robust infrastructure online and available for users.

With PagerDuty, Casumo is able to deliver a consistent and secure customer experience. As an online betting and gaming company, users give the company private information which it must protect, and PagerDuty is the safety net that helps teams at Casumo know that they will be notified when a problem does occur.

Finding the Right Solution

Because Casumo has been rapidly growing since its launch in 2012, the engineering team wanted an end-to-end, reliable digital operations management platform that could scale and support the company’s infrastructure and keep user information protected. Casumo conducted a thorough evaluation of PagerDuty and another provider to assess performance across several criteria that were important to the engineering team in identifying and resolving incidents as quickly as possible. Select criteria included:

  • Mobile app and web functionality
  • Ease of integration
  • On-call scheduling and management
  • Visibility of similar incidents
  • Alert merging, escalation, and resolution

The Results Are In!

The team integrated both PagerDuty and a competitor solution to the company’s monitoring tool stack and each engineer recorded their preferences regarding the specific criteria. At the end of the trial their preferences were averaged to determine the solution that had the best fit for their team, based on functionality and user experience. Across all their criteria, PagerDuty was the preferred choice.

Key highlights:

  • Nearly 60% preferred the functionality and user experience of PagerDuty’s mobile app
  • Nearly the same percentage chose PagerDuty for ease of integration
  • More than two-thirds preferred PagerDuty’s on-call schedule visibility
  • More than 80% had a better user experience viewing past incidents available with PagerDuty Event Intelligence
  • More than two-thirds preferred PagerDuty’s alert merging, escalation, and resolution functionality

Casumo found PagerDuty’s solution to be very robust, working as intended so that the teams could find immediate value in using PagerDuty.

What’s Next?

In terms of overall user experience, functionality, and business value, it was clear that PagerDuty was the go-to option for an end-to-end, real-time incident management platform. Looking ahead, Casumo plans on expanding the use of PagerDuty across the organization, including IT, DevOps, and the customer support team. For Casumo, PagerDuty is the right choice because it enables the company to solve immediate issues while allowing it to grow and scale for the future.

To learn more about how PagerDuty is helping companies with digital operations management in the U.K., U.S., and abroad, try PagerDuty today.