ezCater Dishes Out Real-Time Operations With PagerDuty

Size: 501 – 1,000 Employees

Industry: Technology / Food & Beverage

Location: Boston, MA; Denver CO; Vancouver, BC

Customer Since: 2019

Key Integrations:

AWS Cloudwatch
Sumo Logic

ezCater is the leading corporate catering marketplace in the world. Since its inception in 2007 out of Boston, MA, ezCater has served over 100 million people across 22,000 cities and continues to expand its network with over 80,000 restaurants and caterers on its platform.

For ezCater, providing a consistent and unparalleled customer experience is critical to the continued success and scale of the business. Jennifer Page, an Engineering Manager at ezCater, is responsible for ensuring that the company’s infrastructure remains resilient and available for their customer base.

Rethinking Incident Management

In order to move to a service-oriented architecture, engineering teams needed to rethink the way they approached incident management to align with their new, agile approach to digital operations. Some of the issues they were experiencing included:

  • Lack of visibility into service ownership across teams
  • Misconfigurations due to confusing interfaces
  • Unstructured work stemming from permission issues across distributed teams
  • Difficulty routing escalation policies across teams and services

Gaining Transparency and Flexibility With PagerDuty

After implementing PagerDuty, the ezCater team saw immediate improvement across several areas of its incident management process. For distributed teams, the PagerDuty platform proved to be intuitive and granular in understanding and executing rotations, services, and schedules. “Our teams are now empowered to run their own on-call processes and are held accountable to their service integrations and alerting processes in real time,” explained Page.

By using PagerDuty, ezCater has gained:

  • Transparency. Teams can easily understand who is on call for each service in real time.
  • Empowerment. From engineering leadership to individual contributors, teams can directly manage their permissions, rotations, and schedules.
  • Flexibility. With PagerDuty’s ecosystem of over 350+ integrations, teams are able to easily integrate their existing tool sets and services to provide more system visibility.

A Taste of What the Future Holds

ezCater will continue to leverage PagerDuty as a key partner to develop processes, make improvements to infrastructure stability, and create business efficiencies throughout the rest of the organization.

“PagerDuty gives us the confidence that we don’t have to manually interact with every incident, and we know that things will work when they need to,” Page explained.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of what PagerDuty can do for your team, sign up for a 14-day free trial today.