CareMessage Makes Healthcare More Accessible Through Responsive Technology

Industry: Nonprofit

Location: San Francisco, California

In the US, historical inequities perpetuate worse health outcomes and lower life expectancy rates for low-income and communities of color. Healthcare, and specifically healthcare technology, continues to leave a large segment of the US population behind. The coronavirus pandemic, which has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color, has only highlighted these inequities.

As the largest patient engagement platform for underserved populations in the United States, CareMessage leverages technology to bridge the needs of safety net organizations and underserved populations. Its streamlined communications platform reduces the costs of care and increases healthcare accessibility by centralizing patient communication. The service allows healthcare facilities to reduce no-shows, send automated appointment and medication reminders, and deliver educational campaigns tailored to patients’ specific needs.

During the pandemic, these same safety net organizations have used CareMessage to drive testing and deliver test results, educate patients on mitigating the virus and recognizing symptoms, and now to drive COVID-19 vaccinations and deliver vaccine-related educational messages.

Because messages between patients and clinicians are often time-sensitive, the smooth functioning of the CareMessage platform is essential for delivering quality care that patients and doctors can depend on. To make this happen, CareMessage leverages PagerDuty.

PagerDuty technology allows CareMessage to monitor the infrastructure that runs all of its live apps in real-time, providing the visibility and automation needed to proactively respond to issues. CareMessage credits PagerDuty with helping the organization maintain transparency, respond to issues before they become major problems, and improve the work-life balance of its fully-remote team by managing its on-call schedule.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, CareMessage already had the infrastructure in place to respond to increased demand. It launched CMLight for customers fighting COVID, provided free of charge for at least 60 days. PagerDuty was at the center of this launch, helping the team monitor its infrastructure and ensuring that issues could be solved in a timely manner.