The year of digital pressure

In a year like no other, the teams who develop, manage, and operate digital services are facing unprecedented strain. It’s been an exhausting, challenging time—but there is hope.

Among 700 developers and IT operations professionals at large digital enterprises, in the last 6 months:

8 out of 10

have seen spikes in the
use of their digital services

Over half

say it's reached
never-seen-before levels

with an average of


more incidents

Little fires everywhere

4 out of 10

teams are solely focused
on dealing with customer
impacting issues

6 out of 10

are working
50-hour weeks

Over half

are facing more than
5 unexpected off-hours incidents
every week

The struggle is real


say they struggle to
find the root cause
of issues


think AIOps takes
too long to implement


are struggling with
alert noise
on a daily basis

But we're all in this together

7 out of 10

are proud of their responsibility
for keeping their services always on

7 out of 10

say working with their teammates
make their job “worth it”

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Get a closer look at how teams are feeling and how we’re grappling with a harsh new digital reality in 2020.

This report is based on a global survey of 700 developers and IT operations professionals in large enterprises with over 1,000 employees, conducted by Coleman Parkes and commissioned by PagerDuty.

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