Bitium Integration Guide

Bitium is a SaaS-based software operating system providing app management, single sign-on and analytics for cloud-based apps. Centralize your monitoring tools to gain a single view of your infrastructure.

In Bitium

  1. Login to your Bitum account.
  2. Click on the + Add an App button.
    Add a new app
  3. Enter PagerDuty in the search box, and then select PagerDuty from the menu that appears.
    Select the PagerDuty app
  4. Enter your PagerDuty subdomain, email and password, then click Add App.
    Enter your PagerDuty account information
  5. Once you’re back on your dashboard, you can click on the PagerDuty app to automatically login to your PagerDuty account.Click on the PagerDuty app to automatically login

Congratulations, your setup is complete!  You can share your PagerDuty account with other Bitium users by configuring the app and assigning users to it.  If you are having trouble completing the installation, please contact us at

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