DeferPanic Integration Guide

DeferPanic is a production monitoring system for the go programming language. DeferPanic provides error handling that is purposely built for the go programming language and collects all errors/panics in your production systems and provides local context such as function local variable values. Since ‘go’ is an unique language with a very opinionated approach to error/exception handling the platform is also unique in dealing with it in a modern production system. This guide will cover how to integrate DeferPanic with PagerDuty.

In DeferPanic:

1. After logging in click the “Settings” link in the upper right.
2. Once on the settings page, in the middle, click on the green“Alert with PagerDuty” button.
3. Authorize the DeferPanic integration by logging in and clicking on “Authorize Integration”
4. After you authenticate select “Create a new DeferPanic service”. Under “Service name”, enter the Service name of your choosing (note: This will be the service name that is created in your PagerDuty account). Use the drop down menu under “Escalation policy” to choose the escalation policy you wish this service to be tied to in PagerDuty, then select “Finish Integration”.
5.  You’re done, and alerts triggering on the basis of this alert rule will be routed to PagerDuty

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