Jira Ops Integration Guide

PagerDuty’s Jira Software integration supports Jira Ops projects. These projects can be connected to PagerDuty Services using our Jira Cloud integration instructions. If you already have PagerDuty connected to your Jira Cloud instance, you will need to delete your Jira configuration from PagerDuty, then re-setup the integration. This is so that an additional authorization step can be performed.

It is highly recommended that you document existing mappings you may have between PagerDuty and Jira.

To delete the configuration data:

1. Go to the Integrations menu and select Jira Cloud under Your Integrations.
2. Expand the How to uninstall link under the configuration table.
3. Click the Delete Configuration button.

Jira Service Management Required Steps

Follow instructions here in order to configure the Jira Service Management integration.

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