Keynote Integration Guide

Keynote is a global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring. With Keynote, you can quickly diagnose performance problems at the application, transaction, and infrastructure levels in real-time. By integrating your Keynote account with PagerDuty, you’ll receive phone or SMS alerts for web and mobile performance issues moments after they are detected.

In PagerDuty:

  1. In your account, under the Configuration tab, select Services from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Add New Service.
  3. Enter a Service Name and select an Escalation Policy.
  4. Start typing “Keynote” under Integration Type to filter your choices.
  5. Click the Add Service button.
  6. You’ll be taken to the service page. Copy the Integration email to the clipboard; you’ll need it to set up the integration in Keynote.
  7. By default, PagerDuty will only open incidents for Keynote alarms with a severity of critical. If you would also like PagerDuty to open incidents for Keynote alarms with a severity level of warning:
    1. Click Edit this Service.
    2. Under Severity filter select Open incidents when an alarm enters the Critical or Warning states.
    3. Click Save Changes.

In Keynote:

Note:  Your Keynote email subjects under Alarms > Email Formats must be the default values otherwise they will not be processed by PagerDuty.

    1. Log in to your MyKeynote account.
    2. Click the Alarms tab, then click on the Configure sub-tab.
    3. Check the alarm(s) you want to trigger in PagerDuty, and press Configuration .
      at the top right hand corner of the page. Configure_Alarms_-_MyKeynote
    4. Paste the Integration email into both the Send Warning Alert To and Send Critical Alert To text boxes.
    5. If you wish to receive performance alarms, check the box labelled Performance Alarms Enabled and adjust the other settings as necessary.
    6. If you wish to receive availability alarms, check the box labelled Availability Alarms Enabled and adjust the other settings as necessary.
    7. Click the Save Changes button.Configure_Alarms_-_MyKeynote


Will “Site OK” alerts send to PagerDuty?

No, “Site OK” alerts will not be sent to PagerDuty. When the alarm state returns to “normal” the PagerDuty incident will be resolved.