Lightstep Integration Guide

Trouble-shoot faster with LightStep. High-fidelity tracing combines logging and time series data to provide fine-grained detail about every service in your distributed system.

Getting Started

    1. In LightStep, click on Project Settings in the navigation bar. LightStep
    2. Click the Alert with PagerDuty button. LightStep
    3. You will be redirected to PagerDuty. Enter in your PagerDuty credentials, or click Sign In Using your Identity Provider if you are using SSO. Then, click the Authorize IntegrationIntegration_-_PagerDuty
    4. If this is your first time integrating with LightStep, you will be asked to create a new service for LightStep incidents. By default, the Service name will be ‘LightStep’, however you can edit the name. Select the Escalation Policy you wish to use for the LightStep service. Click Finish IntegrationIntegration_-_PagerDuty
    5. You will be redirected back into LightStep, and the PagerDuty integration will be activated. You can test the integration by clicking on the Trigger Test AlertLightStep


Can you setup multiple integrations with LightStep?

At this time, you will only be able to setup 1 integration with LightStep.

Will incidents automatically resolve when the issue is clear in LightStep?

Yes, incidents will be automatically resolved in PagerDuty when it is clear in LightStep.

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