Moesif Integration Guide

Moesif is an error analytics tool for APIs. Moesif analyzes millions of API errors to automatically triage them and provide insights on the root cause. It also detects abnormalities and send alerts.

Moesif will send alerts when Moesif detects abnormalities in your APIs.

In Moesif

    1. In Moesif, click Monitor & Alerts -> Alert Settings.

    1. Click on the Alert with PagerDuty button. You will be redirected to PagerDuty’s website to authorize the Moesif application.

  1. After authorization, you can optionally click on the Trigger button to send a test alert.
  2. After creating the PagerDuty channel, add or edit your Alert Rules to add the PagerDuty channel as an active channel to the rule.

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