Monitis Integration Guide

Monitis is a 100% Cloud-based, complete, and flexible IT monitoring solution which consolidates backend monitoring, application monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud monitoring in an all-in-one, central monitoring service. An alert in Monitis can be sent to PagerDuty to automatically trigger and resolve incidents.

In PagerDuty

  1. Navigate to Services Service Directory
  2. On your Services page: If you are creating a new service for your integration, click +New Service.If you are adding your integration to an existing service, click the name of the service you want to add the integration to. Then click the Integrations tab and click the +New Integration button.

PagerDuty Service Directory menu
Adding a new integration to a service

  1. Select your app from the Integration Type menu and enter an Integration Name.If you are creating a new service for your integration, in General Settings, enter a Name for your new service. Then, in Incident Settings, specify the Escalation Policy, Notification Urgency, and Incident Behavior for your new service.
  2. Click the Add Service or Add Integration button to save your new integration. You will be redirected to the Integrations page for your service.
  3. Copy the Integration Key for your new integration: RS_API_pd_3

Setup In Monitis

  1. Click the Alerts tab at the top of the Monitis page, and select Contacts.
    Go to the Contacts administration section.

  2. From the Contacts window, click New Contact.
    Create a new contact that will be used to notify PagerDuty

  3. Enter a contact name.

  4. Select PagerDuty under Contact Type.

  5. Paste the Service API Key.

  6. Click Next to set up your Alert Rules and click OK when done.
    Configure the PagerDuty contact details

  7. You will see a new PagerDuty contact in your contact list.

  8. When an event is triggered to the PagerDuty contact from Monitis, an incident will be created in PagerDuty.

  9. When the event has recovered in Monitis, the incident will be automatically resolved in PagerDuty.Web_Servers_Performance__Availability__Traffic_Monitoring_and_Analytics


Can I set up Monitis to be tied to multiple PagerDuty services?

Yes. A PagerDuty service is associated with a Monitis contact. You can have multiple Monitis contacts for different PagerDuty services.

Are incidents automatically resolved in PagerDuty?


Is there a retry mechanism if the API call does not return a 200 (success)?

Monitis retries 3 times in case the request to the PagerDuty API fails.

What happens when there are continuous alerts from Monitis?

Continuous alerting is not supported by PagerDuty. If continuous alerts are being triggered for your monitor, then PagerDuty will trigger an incident based on the first problem alert. The rest of the alerts can be viewed in the incident logs of the initial incident.

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