Neustar Integration Guide

Ensuring that your website is running at it’s best, and knowing when your website happens to go down, are critical. This is where Neustar’s Web Performance Management (formerly known as Webmetrics) comes in. Neustar Web Performance Management tests, monitors and measures the performance of web sites and web applications. To add additional features such as being able to schedule the rotation of your on-call staff or quickly respond to website outages via any mobile device, Neustar has partnered with PagerDuty to integrate PagerDuty’s on-call scheduling, alerting and incident tracking solution through “PagerDuty Connect”. With just a few clicks, Neustar customers can quickly have a PagerDuty account running.


Create PagerDuty & Neustar accounts if you haven’t already.

  1. From your Neustar account, create an alerting policy & enable PagerDuty. 
  2. Click Create Policy and select WPM Monitoring.
  3. Click on Enable PagerDuty.
  4. Use your PagerDuty credentials.
  5. PagerDuty will create a Neustar service. If one already exists, you’ll have the option of using the existing service or creating a brand new one.

    Now alerts on your Neustar service will trigger PagerDuty incidents.