NodePing Integration Guide

NodePing is a service that will monitor your critical services on the web.  NodePing can monitor a variety of protocols including HTTP/S, SSH, FTP, PING, FTP, SMTP and much more.  Combined with PagerDuty’s advanced scheduling and alerting capabilities, you can easily and promptly notify the right member of your team when there are issues on your systems.

In PagerDuty

    1. From the Configuration menu, select Services. 
    2. On your Services page:

      If you are creating a new service for your integration, click +Add New Service.

      If you are adding your integration to an existing service, click the name of the service you want to add the integration to. Then click the Integrations tab and click the +New Integration button.

    3. RS-Add-New-Service

    4. Select your app from the Integration Type menu and enter an Integration Name.

      If you are creating a new service for your integration, in General Settings, enter a Name for your new service. Then, in Incident Settings, specify the Escalation Policy, Notification Urgency, and Incident Behavior for your new service.

    5. Click the Add Service or Add Integration button to save your new integration. You will be redirected to the Integrations page for your service.
    6. Copy the Integration Key for your new integration: RS_API_pd_3

    In NodePing

    1. Click the Checks & Contacts button.
      Click on Checks & Contacts

    2. Click on an existing contact to edit them or create a new contact.  In this example I’ll edit an existing contact.Edit an existing NodePing contact
    3. Click on Add another to add a new contact method.Add another NodePing contact method
    4. Paste your PagerDuty service key from step 6 (above).Configure the PagerDuty contact method
    5. Select PagerDuty from the dropdown menu.
    6. Click on the Save button.
    7. Now you’ll need to set up this new contact method to be associated with your Checks.
    8. Click on Checks & Contacts Checks, then either click on New Check or Edit on an existing check.
      Edit an existing NodePing check
    9. Select your PagerDuty contact method from the dropdown menu and then click the Save button.
      Add the PagerDuty contact method to a check
    10. Congratulations! Your NodePing account is now setup to notify your PagerDuty service when there is a failure or recovery within NodePing.

    Verify that NodePing and PagerDuty are Communicating

    You can verify that they are communicating by causing a check to fail. Once the check is restored, the corresponding incident will resolve within PagerDuty.


    Will NodePing incidents automatically resolve?

    Yes, once a check is restored it will automatically resolve the PagerDuty incident.

    How can I setup NodePing to be tied to multiple PagerDuty services?

    Once you have two NodePing services within PagerDuty, simply follow the steps above again and add it as a second contact method for a contact. Then just add it to the checks that you’d like to trigger PagerDuty incidents.

    If you are having trouble completing the installation, please contact our support.

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