Runscope Integration Guide

Runscope is a set of API debugging and testing tools. Developers and operations teams can use Runscope Radar to monitor their APIs via scheduled tests with automatic PagerDuty incident triggering and resolution. Integrating PagerDuty with Runscope is done through PagerDuty Connect.

In Runscope:

  1. After creating your free Runscope trial account, create a test from the Radar overview page.
    Runscope Radar

  2. Add some requests to the tests for the API endpoints you’d like to monitor. Be sure to create at least one assertion to specify your passing test criteria. You can learn more about creating tests in the Runscope Radar Developer Guide.

  3. Once you have a test defined you’d like to trigger incidents for, select Integrations.
    Add an Integration

  4. Select Alert with PagerDuty to begin the authorization process.
    Alert with PagerDuty

  5. Sign in to your PagerDuty account, then enter a name for your service (or choose an existing service) and choose an escalation policy.
    Authenticate with PagerDuty
    Add a new PagerDuty service

  6. Once the PagerDuty authorization process is completed, check the box next to the PagerDuty service and press Save Changes to enable it for this test. To disable, uncheck the integration and press Save Changes. Once you’ve connected PagerDuty, the integration is available to all Radar tests within your team.
    Enable PagerDuty Integration

Congratulations!  Your integration is now complete!

Triggering and Resolving Incidents

When a connected PagerDuty service is enabled, any Radar test runs that fail will trigger an incident and send the notifications defined in your PagerDuty service settings. When any subsequent test run passes, the incident will be marked as resolved automatically.  You can click on the Runscope URL to be linked directly to your Runscope account.
PagerDuty Incident

In order to prevent one test from clearing an incident for another, we recommend creating a PagerDuty service for each of your tests.


Can you associate a Runscope Radar test with more than one PagerDuty service?

Yes. You can connect as many PagerDuty services to your Runscope team as you’d like. For each test within your team, select from the connected services available to enable the integration.

Will PagerDuty incidents automatically resolve once the Runscope Radar test passes again?

Yes, PagerDuty incidents will automatically resolve when the Runscope Radar test associated with them passes.

Do you have additional questions?  Please contact with questions.